Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 1 - Leadership Good Leader


What you consider a good leader to be like.
I consider a good leader to be approachable in their manner so that their team feels comfortable approaching them with anything that they need. A good leader should lead by example and also conduct themselves in a way that they intend their team to. I also think that they need to not take all the responsibility on themselves but be able to share the role and give others the opportunity to step up and be there to guide them when needed. 

Are you a thought leader, would you want to be?
I would love to be a thought leader in my school as I like the ideas of having an influence of postiive change. I feel that I am beginning to become a thought leader as others in my team often to come to me for help and advice with ICT and performing arts. I have new ideas that I am always willing to share how well it worked. I need to remember what Clark (2012) suggests that "the concept of catalytic leadership, whereby your ability to bring about and inspire change is not dependent on a position of power. It is clear that even if a teacher is not in a position of authority they are in a position of influence, and it is this influence that is crucial to becoming a change agent and leading practice."

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