Thursday, June 15, 2017


COMMUNITY: The relevant communities are critically evaluated.
INQUIRY OVERVIEW: The project plan and its inquiry model are described and justified in context with suitable schedule and milestones and also related the to wider context.
DATA COLLECTION METHOD: Method of data collection and analysis is critically evaluated. SEEKING FEEDBACK: Evidence of seeking community feedback (survey, Interview, performance data, etc) is critically evaluated.
INFORMED ENGAGEMENT: Evidence of engagement to inform the research question(s) for the project plan is critically evaluated.
IMPACT: Potential impact of findings is critically evaluated.
REFERENCE SOURCES: Comprehensive referencing, integrated in a reflective manner. PRESENTATION: An original and creative presentation displaying a reflective narrative structure.

This is an excellent portfolio, with consideration of a good range of literature to substantiate an analytically rigorous, feedback-oriented project plan. What most commemorable is your innovative visual design, which has dynamically communicated the depth and practicality of your Design Thinking plan - what has been implemented and what will be. This overall sets your work at a tremendously high standard. Well done! Inquiry or Problem-based Learning

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