Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Literature Review

Assessment criteria
10% Selected topic is clear in scope and context.
20% Emerging research question(s).
20% A relevant range of sources is reviewed.
20% Evidence of critical appraisal and engagement.
10% Evidence of Kaupapa Maori approach and identifying community priorities is provided.
10% Appropriate structure and academic language is used.
10% Sources are correctly cited and referenced.

How might having a growth or fixed mindset impact on student progress?

SCOPE AND CONTEXT: The scope and context are identified and related together.
EMERGING RESEARCH QUESTION(S): Emerging research questions are well defined and integral to the topic’s scope and context. "
REVIEWED SOURCES: A broad range of sources relevant to the emerging research question(s) is reviewed. "
KEY ISSUES IN THE LITERATURE: Key issues within the reviewed literature are analysed. DEBATES WITHIN THE LITERATURE: Debates within the reviewed literature are analysed
KM APPROACH & IDENTIFYING COMMUNITY PRIORITIES: Community priorities reflecting Kaupapa Maori approach are analysed
STRUCTURE AND LANGUAGE: The review is clearly structured and integrated. Academic language is used.
REFERENCING: Well integrated and constructed references, cited and debated.

"Feedback / Forward: Thank you for your excellent literature review which is well structured and integrated. The context for your topic is clearly explained and debates within the literature are critically analysed. You have identified some useful research questions to help to focus your investigation however, some of your statements particularly around Dweck’s work, appear to contradict themselves. You have included a useful overview of Kaupapa Maori principles and discussed how these can inform a mind-set approach. The conclusion however, should summarise the ideas you have presented instead of further reviewing the research studies. Your range of sources is broad but, be wary of referencing non-peer reviewed work and make sure that you are referencing consistently – some of your sources have been accessed in July 2016? In-text citation of a direct quote should also include the page number. "


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