Friday, March 24, 2017

Assignment 1 Leadership

Google Doc Assignment
20% Describe the change initiative, its intended outcomes, your own leadership roles within it, and the leadership of others where relevant.
20% Critically reflect on the success of the overall leadership within a change initiative by evaluating the influences and effectiveness of the different leadership styles and attributes
20% Critically reflect on your own leadership and possible followership within that change initiative(past/present/future idea)
20% Demonstrate a critical understanding of multiple leadership theories and key principles, including their strengths and weaknesses
10% Use and present suitably referenced source material, including peer reviewed journals. Include a Turnitin originality report
10% Deliver and present content effectively, considering structure, narrative and presence. Include reflection on your learning

DESCRIBE INITIATIVE AND LEADERSHIP ROLES: You have described the change initiative, its intended outcomes and leadership roles within it in an integrated manner, and identified links to wider context and practice.
CRITICAL UNDERSTANDING OF OVERALL LEADERSHIP: You have critically reflected on leadership success, styles and attributes with reference to evidence and clearly related these to one another.
CRITICALLY REFLECT ON OWN LEADERSHIP: You have analyzed your own leadership or followership and discussed principles, strengths and weaknesses.
CRITICALLY REFLECT ON LEADERSHIP THEORY: You have evaluated leadership theories in terms of the extent to which their principles, strengths and weaknesses apply to the change initiative.
SOURCE MATERIAL: You have provided a set of well integrated and constructed references that are cited and debated. You provided a Turnitin originality report.
PRESENTATION AND REFLECTION: Your presentation is well-argued with a narrative structure that relates themes together and explains what has been learned.
FEEDBACK/FORWARD: This is a great essay! These are small suggestions, if a chart or table is inserted into the body of the text its relevance needs to be explained. There is a quote from your team leader that has at its end a Hallier reference… where does one quote stop and the other begin? You have stated your strengths and weaknesses. Maybe in the weakness section more explanation around how you envision doing things such as building community could have been helpful.

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