Friday, March 24, 2017

Assignment 2 Leadership

10% Explain and justify the need for your change initiative, with reference to the context
10% Identify your main stakeholders and profile the early adopters and subsequent groups
20% Reflect on your own leadership practice in digital and collaborative innovation and analyse it in the context of this change initiative
20% Develop an implementation plan explaining how you will lead your stakeholders through the milestones of a digital and collaborative innovation
20% Explain the influence that relevant research, current practice, policies and guidelines have had in planning your initiative
10% Use and present suitably referenced source material, including peer-reviewed journals
10% Deliver and present content effectively, considering structure, length, narrative and presence. Include reflection on learning.

EXPLAIN YOUR CHANGE INITIATIVE: You have described a change initiative with explicit links to the context.
PROFILE STAKEHOLDERS, EARLY ADOPTERS AND GROUPS: Your stakeholder groups are described and compared.
REFLECT ON YOUR OWN LEADERSHIP: You have presented and discussed relevant aspects of leadership, linked with the change initiative.
DEVELOP AN IMPLEMENTATION PLAN: You have developed an implementation plan that includes the requirements of stakeholders and milestone deliverables
EXPLAIN EXTERNAL INFLUENCES: You have identified external influences, described some connections between them and related these to leadership of the initiative.
SOURCE MATERIAL: You have cited and discussed a good list of references.
PRESENTATION AND REFLECTION: Your presentation is adequate but largely descriptive.

Thanks for sharing the implementation in gamification in your classroom. I do believe that your students will be far more engaged and have a great deal of fun at the same time. You have provided a very clear narrative that focuses on addressing all elements of the assessment goals, well done. I could suggest two ideas going forward. First, remember to focus your limited time/word count on the immediately relevant. This is a leadership assignment, therefore lengthy discussions of the benefits of gamification in this context might be seen as pedagogy and therefore less relevant. Next, you discussion of the theories around change management started to debate and reflect. These are the skills required at the higher grade boundaries. More of this please.

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