Friday, March 24, 2017

Assignment 2 Digital and collaborative learning

30% Explain your implementation of a digital and collaborative learning innovation that addressed an identified area for improvement in your practice
20% Document your evidence for the impact of your innovation using methods appropriate to the context (for example student feedback, student work, observations, results, etc.)
30% Critique the successes and failures of your innovation and how you might have done things differently
10% Use and present suitably cited and referenced source material in APA format, including peer reviewed journals
10% Deliver and present content effectively, considering structure, narrative and presence. Include reflection on your learning.

EXPLAIN YOUR INNOVATION: You have described the implementation of your digital and collaborative innovation.
EVIDENCE OF IMPACT: You have documented more than one source of evidence for the impact of your innovation and they are related to one another.
CRITIQUE SUCCESS AND FAILURE: You have analysed successes and/or failures, with direct reference to different options.
USE AND PRESENT SOURCE MATERIAL: You have provided a good list of references, which are cited and discussed.
DELIVER AND PRESENT REFLECTIVE CONTENT: Your presentation describes and combines themes, with a narrative structure that reports on what has been learned.
FEEDBACK/FORWARD: Thanks for sharing your work on collaboration in your classroom. Collaboration permeates everything your students have done, right from the think, pair, share to the co-constructed rubric. The different ideas and tools you have used is very impressive teaching, you have given me ideas that I will use in future work. You may be a little disappointed that your grade here may not match the teaching. Your assignment does move away from the higher level of the TML rubric. For example, you seemed to have selected collaboration through personal choice rather than linking it to a problem in your practice. You also need to evaluate possible solutions to the problems you faced. Looking forward, you need to focus on the demands of the TML assessment rubrics, thinking what would this look like in relation to your initiative. In this case, it seems your focus you have allowed too much time to describe your initiative, leaving less to investigate its impacts in depth. Video

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